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Beyond the Crowded Acropolis: The Beautiful Ancient Athenian Agora

The Ancient Agora of Athens, built in 460BCE, is located below the Acropolis in Athens. Though it is much-less known and far-less visited than the Acropolis, this archeological site provides the modern visitor with a fascinating glimpse into daily life in ancient...

The International Jazz Festival in Beautiful Kardamyli

One of the joys of travel is stumbling upon cool events we knew nothing about, such as the Kardamyli International Jazz Festival. 

Wadis Tiwi and Shab: The Beautiful Paradise

After Muscat, the first stop of our 16-day road trip was at the well-known Wadis Tiwi and Shab, about 90 minutes south of Muscat along the coastal road. A wadi is a riverbed set in a canyon. Some wadis are dry most of the year, but some have water year-round. Wadis...

Oman’s Awesome Geologic Beauties Exposed

The geology of Oman is stunning and expansive, with the Samail Ophiolite, which is the largest & most important of its kind.

Oman: A Fascinating History Revealed

The Sultanate of Oman is a country with a much longer history than its current name. Archeological ruins show that people were living along Oman’s coast as far back as 6,000 BCE in the Neolithic era.

Peace Corps Days: A Long Time Gone but not Forgotten

In January 2024, Julie and I embarked on a DIY adventure in the Sultanate of Oman. This journey was my personal pilgrimage, a return to the country where I lived 45 years ago as a 22-year-old Peace Corps volunteer.

Hidden Port: The New Muscat Calling!

While in Oman, we had many wonderful encounters with the local people. To begin our trip, we spent 5 nights in the capital, Muscat, a beautiful coastal city set between the sea and low dark-reddish Ophiolite mountains.



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