Happy Easter from Whakatane

A short blog post to wish you all a safe and happy Easter.

We’re chilling in Ohope, overlooking Ohakana Island in the Ohiwa Harbour, in the Bay of Plenty.

Evening light from the deck…

It’s a peaceful spot. Experiencing the rythmn of the tides, watching the occasional dinghy, kayak or SUP, and listening to the birds in the native bush surrounding us.

From the reserve at the bottom of the street …

Ohope Beach on the other side of the spit, with Whale (Moutohora) Island taking centre stage …

The Whakatane area has been busy this holiday weekend.

The weather has been perfect.

Cooler mornings and evenings though, as we expect at this time of year.

The Whakatane River begins in the Urewera Ranges and flows north to enter the sea in Whakatane at what is known as the Whakatane Heads.

There’s a wonderful playground for kids here. We bought fish and chips from Gibbo’s on the wharf and this is the perfect spot to enjoy them …

The Warren Cole Walk and Cycleway begins at the Heads and follows alongside the river past the wharf area and the town, past the salt marshes, Botanical Gardens, residential areas, all the way to the bridge on Landing Road 4.3 kilometres away. It’s paved all the way and an easy walk/ride.

Along the way there are a number of interesting sculptures. I just happened to catch this one in the setting sun the other night …

We’re loving it here.

Now … back to my morning cuppa …


  1. I’m having a catch up on your blogs – they are packed full of information and will also be a great reference when we come to the NI to travel around. And your photos are lovely! Many thanks.


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