Wyuna Bay

Catching up

Before we leave Coromandel we have a couple more things to do…

The first is a date at Peppertree.

It’s the day after Valentines Day, but do we need an excuse to lunch out? Nah!

We were road-tripping to Port Jackson yesterday anyway …

Our meal was delicious …

We definitely recommend this place next time you’re in Coromandel.

The second is to check out Wyuna Bay.

We drive along Wharf Road, past the old wharf and Long Bay, and turn left into Wyuna Bay Road.

We had been talking to a lady in one of the local Coromandel shops who told us she lived in Wyuna Bay and it was only about five minutes drive into town from there.

It made me curious. I’d never ventured further than the wharf on previous visits to Coromandel.

The road runs along a ridge and the properties either side have marvellous views.

At the end, the road winds down into beautiful Wyuna Bay which, because it’s on a narrow finger of land jutting out into the Hauraki Gulf, looks back over to Coromandel.

I fall in love with these colours against the backdrop of the sea and hills on this gorgeous summer day.

From the road along the ridge you can look out over the Hauraki Gulf and the islands off the coast.

There’s a trig … and from there you can see both sides …

The Hauraki Gulf …

Wyuna Bay …

We say goodbye to the Coromandel reluctantly.

It’s time to head to the Bay of Plenty to visit family.

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