Plimmerton, Weta Cave, Maranui Cafe

Catching up…

The convenient location of the Plimmerton NZMCA Park was ideal for us to achieve our chosen activities while staying in the Wellington area.

Plimmerton NZMCA Park is a busy one, but there’s plenty of room

My last post documented our visit to The Great War Exhibition and the next day our focus was a tour of the Weta Cave.

We took turns taking our vehicles with the four of us travelling together over the two days, and we enjoyed the tiki tour around the Wellington bays to get to Miramar where Weta Workshop is situated, in spite of the inclement weather.

Wellington Harbour in the rain

Weta Cave

We were welcome to take as many photographs as we wanted outside and within the entrance and shop, but not once we started the cave tour.

These impressive figures welcome us to the Cave

And inside we are met with familiar characters

The tour gave us an insight into just how much this creative company have achieved  since their humble beginnings in a garage in the 1990s, while also letting us in on a few trade secrets.

It was fun.

For more information check out their website Click here

From there we went to Lyall Bay as we wanted to go to the Maranui Cafe at the Surf Club there.

This is one of Wellington’s iconic cafes and was where the Duke and Duchess of Sussex met with young invited guests recently.

It was very busy and the food was great too.

Do you think it could be lunch time?

The next day the weather was much brighter, and we were able to check out Plimmerton village…

… and join the locals in The Big Salami on the corner

Inside the Big Salami Pizza Cafe

Tomorrow we must move on, but thanks Wellington. You are the coolest little capital in the world.

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